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This course content is completely different to previous courses.  

It is suited for those with a spiritual awareness of Beginner to Intermediate level.


When was the last time you remember laughing out loud or not feeling exhausted? Our soul yearns for the opportunity to express itself but through busy lives and cultural limitations, your physical existence on earth becomes just that-simply an “existence”. You are here in this lifetime to LIVE and not just exist. There is much more to you and by energizing your mind, body and spirit this natural state of living through joy and happiness becomes a part of your everyday life.
The Rejuvenate and Evolve workshop will assist you in re-examining your own life and why you have come to the earth plane. By expanding your soul awareness and connectivity to yourself and those around you (both living and deceased), you become energized knowing that everything in this life is just temporary. Learning to let go of problems and issues in your life whether they are created by yourself or others is an important part of this release. You are a dynamic human being ever expanding and evolving into your true self. Understanding this on a deeper level will assist you on a rejuvenated path of living which allows you to pursue happiness. Every soul deserves joy in their lifetime.

This course content will include:

*Why does most of the population feel exhausted a lot of the time?

*How to identify exhaustion and what can be done to prevent it;

*What are you responsible for in this lifetime and what power do you have to make the necessary changes?

*What tools and methods can be used to Rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Spirit;

*How to use your Intuition to guide and assist your everyday lives; and

*How to evolve your soul and return to the spirit world on higher level of existence.

Date:Saturday 5th September 2020

Time:10am-3pm (SYDNEY TIME) sharp start. There will be 15 min morning and afternoon tea breaks and a 1/2 hr lunch break included.

Venue:ZOOM ONLINE VIDEO CONFERENCING, you can download it for free on your Computer or Download the Free App on your Phone or Tablet (Zoom Cloud Meetings):

You can prepare yourself beforehand by downloading Zoom and Practice your Audio and Video settings by Starting a Meeting with a friend (or do it yourself on 2 separate Devices).

Once you Register for the workshop, the Zoom URL and Password will be emailed to you a few days before with full instructions.

Please note:Attendance of this course does not permit endorsements of your work by Louise,thank you for respecting this.

Cost:$50.00 (AUD) for one day payable through Paypal below.

If you do not own a credit card, please email for alternative options. Click here for Cancellation Policy. 

You do not need to be a member of Paypal, you can take the option to proceed past the "Checkout" and then take the option pay with Credit or Debit card. Once you add to Cart, print the receipt from Paypal as your registration. Thank you.



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