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"Deadicated to the Afterlife"

 This book can also be purchased at all events for $25.00  


This book is now available in eBook through the Amazon Kindle Store, click here for details.

Through thousands of readings and hundreds of audience demonstrations, Louise has captured the hearts and minds of both the living and deceased with her extraordinary evidence of the afterlife. Her dedicated life as a Psychic Medium is a journey in itself, with great responsibility and gratitude for the path of work outlined by the other side. This book provides amazing stories of love, laughter and loss as well as inspiration on how to live a better life here on the earth plane through the teachings of the spirit world. Many stories are captured through the eyes of the spirits communicating directly with Louise to their loved ones on this side of life. Louise has visited the spirit world on a number of occasions and is blessed to be able to share these unique experiences. Her spirit guides also provide great teaching to humanity. Her message to the masses is that there is no death and every soul, no matter how they pass over, is entitled to healing on the other side.

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