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I am pleased to announce that finally after 14 years, I am now available for a limited number of Individual Private Readings (Phone or Video) as well as Spiritual Mentoring/Assessments of Soul Development (Phone or Video). These sessions assist with the rising costs of running the public audience events including hall hire costs, travel and public liability so we thank you for your support.

Individual Readings are only available one weekend a month for Phone or Video only. No In-Person readings are available. Video sessions are available in Skype, Zoom, (FaceTime-iPhone only) or WhatsApp.

Phone and Video readings makes no difference to an In-Person reading when connecting to the spirit world . The spirit world has no limits on time and space and regardless of what is happening in the physical world, they are always keen to chat to us on the earth plane and provide us with continued guidance, assistance, love and support.

All Private Sessions can be booked directly through the link below:

If you do not have a Paypal account, just select PAY WITH A CARD in the Paypal payment page.

Here are the details of the Private Session Appointment Types available to you:

Psychic/Mediumship Readings ($160 AUD for 40 min + Louise Meditates 20min Prior) + Paypal booking fee $4.32 AUD for Phone or Video

In this 40-minute one to one reading, Louise will work with her spirit guides (known as Team Spirit) in providing you with information that is beneficial to your soul path (Psychic) as well as connecting you with loved ones in the spirit world (Mediumship). Louise will ask you at the beginning of the reading if you have a preference of a Psychic or Mediumship reading or a combination of the two. 

Spiritual Mentoring/Assessments of Soul Development ($160 AUD for 40 min + Louise Meditates 20min Prior) + Paypal booking fee $4.32 AUD for Phone or Video

Often a soul that wishes to pursue the path of a Lightworker requires some form of guidance and assistance from the spirit world on where their potential gifts may lie. Your intention may be to assist humanity through psychic/mediumship development or healing modalities but you require some mentoring on techniques or methods of practise. You may not be aware of who is guiding you in the spirit world and wish to have a greater understanding of the bridging that exists between your two worlds of work. This session will empower you to a greater unfolding of your soul’s journey into spiritual development and awareness.

If you book more than 1 session (e.g a reading then spiritual mentoring), you first must book and pay for the first session then on the confirmation page you can book another appointment using the “SCHEDULE ANOTHER APPOINTMENT” button. You can re-schedule or cancel any appointment independently without affecting the other appointment.

All details on the appointment Instructions, Recordings, Re-scheduling, Cancelling and Refund Policies MUST BE read at the booking link above once booked or you can view them before hand at this Instructions Page.

If you need to Re-schedule or Cancel an Appointment, you must go to your original booking email confirmation (Email Title:New Appointment) and click onto the CHANGE/CANCEL APPOINTMENT button. This is the only way for your to RE-SCHEDULE/CANCEL.

If the appointments available are not soon enough, you can register to be placed on the Waitlist and you will be contacted directly if an earlier appointment becomes available. Please register here for the Waitlist.

Thank you

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