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Cancellation Policy

Louise Hermann Course and Event Cancellation & Refund Policy

The following conditions apply to all courses and events PAID UPFRONT ONLY (not cash at door events) and offered by Louise Hermann. Making a booking with Louise Hermann implies full acceptance of these conditions.

General Conditions

Cancelling a course or event ticket holding close to commencement date affects everybody on the course or event including those on waiting lists that do not have the chance to attend. There are also costs involved in event hire and catering and transportation. Cancelling or changing a course or event where upfront payment is made should be considered a last resort. The following terms apply:

1.1 Fees

All course or event refunds and changes to your booking will be subject to an administrative fee of 20% of the course or event fees plus bank charges. Bank charges will vary depending on the bank transaction and card used.

1.2 Cancellations

No refund will be given to cancellations within two weeks of the course or event ticket commencement date, irrespective of the date the booking was made.

A full refund minus bank costs and an administrative fee of 20% of the course or event fees will be given to cancellations outside of two weeks of the course or event commencement date. In extreme circumstances, a case for full refund can be reviewed by sending an email to

1.3 Changes to your booking (only applies to courses not events)

In certain circumstances, candidates may change their booking from one course to another. Course fees will be carried over to the new course. Changing courses will only be possible subject to availability. 

In very exceptional circumstances, a course may be cancelled if a minimum number of candidates are not registered. In such an event, a candidate will be moved to any course of their choice subject to availability and no extra fees will be incurred. A full refund can also be given in these circumstances.

1.4 Refund application process

Refund applications must be made in writing and submitted to clearly stating the course or event dates and location prior to a refund being issued.

1.5 Applicable events

This cancellation and refund policy applies to all courses and events PAID UPFRONT (not cash at door events) and managed by Louise Hermann.

1.6 Disclaimer

All refunds and cancellation fees will be administered at the sole discretion of Louise Hermann management.

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